Firstly, welcome to my website. please take a look at all pages making any comments if you so wish..

People say that I am an 'Inspiration' and how amazing I am because of the things I do. 

I don't see it like that, I live an ordinary life, just like anyone else. Yes, there are things that I find difficult, but then, who doesn't. It might take me a little longer to do certain things, but I get there. I'm not one to give up, nor do I expect everything to be done for me. 

I have never let my disability stand in my way, in anything I have done. Nor will I let it get in my way in the future.

Don't give up on anything or say that you can't, until you have tried, you might just surprise yourself. There is always a way.

If I can inspire just one person to overcome their own disability, I will be happy.